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Executive Coaching

By definition, truly excellent and effective personnel are in short supply.

Traditionally it might have been assumed that the “cream rises to the top” automatically, but in an increasingly competitive business environment we believe this approach is npt guaranteed. Greater choice and mobility for talented individuals, together with greater expectations of achieving an appropriate life-work balance, further increases the risks.

Advanced Human Resources advocates a more proactive and structured approach to identifying, developing and retaining potential high-flyers and key performers.

Tailor-made solutions will be designed by one or more of our Chartered Occupational Psychologists using a variety of different methods. These may include the use of formal assessment centres, 360 degree feedback, behavioral and personality profiling, as well as incorporating a variety of academic schools of thought relating to performance assessment and measurement.

The over-riding objective would be to identify, help manage, develop and retain key individuals, so that they met their individual career objectives, as well as contributing to overall organisational effectiveness and profitability.