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Development Centres

Why do organisations use Development Centres?

Organisations aim to develop individuals in order to continuously add value and improve services and Development Centres are often used as a tool to achieve this. To use this method to improve the performance of an organisation it is essential that the development\training initiatives are challenging and comprehensive.

  • They provide opportunities for delegates to demonstrate their strengths in a variety of situations, both individually and as part of a group.
  • They provide an objective and robust method of improving both the individual's, and the organisation's, awareness of skills, strengths and gaps.
  • They provide a unique opportunity to objectively observe and measure how people actually perform tasks, make decisions, relate to each other, and   demonstrate self awareness. 

A well-designed bespoke Development Centre is an effective tool for measuring the key behaviours important to employees' present success and future potential

AHR has worked with numerous organisations who when considering a change management structure have seen Development Centres as a way of identifying training needs and targeting them appropriately, at the same time recognising delegates that may be ready for promotion.